The association Kinderschutz und Jugendwohlfahrt e.V. has been working for more than 100 years in the Kinder- und Jugendhilfe in Hamburg-Altona. On this page we have summarized a short chronology of the association engagement.

1902 – 1936 from the Foundation to the Expropriation

In 1902 Pastor Otto Bahnson founded the Kinderschutz & Jugendwohlfahrt to protect children from abuse and mistreatment for Hamburg and Altona, the association granted help to neglected or otherwise endangered children.

In 1907 the association opened a children’s home at the Billhorner Röhrendamm in Hamburg. The association received great approval not only from the population, but also from the government, which increasingly demands the assistance of the Kinderschutz & Jugendwohlfahrt.

In 1913 the association closed the old home at Billhorner Röhrendamm due to space limitations. The two former school buildings on Hammerlandstrasse were put into operation. This facility had room for a total of 62 children.

In 1936 all the tasks of the private associations, organizations and institutions were transferred to state agencies and to Hitler Youth. Also the Kinderschutz & Jugendwohlfahrt was expropriated and dissolved.

1951 – 2010 Reestablishment and Opening of the Recreational Homes

In 1951, the association Kinderschutz & Jugendwohlfahrt was re-established. As early as 1952 disadvantaged children and youths were asked to take vacation in Hörnum on the island of Sylt.

In 1961, the association opened a recreational home in Zorge. The focus was on health-promoting and social-therapeutic measures for children and adolescents. Due to the increasing demand the Kinderschutz & Jugendwohlfahrt decided to expand the home. The extensions were completed in the years 1964 and 1972.

In 1965 the association prepares the construction of another house in Hörnum on Sylt. In 1968 the Dünenhof was finally opened. In the years 1976 and 1986 extensions were put into operation.

2004/2005 the association developed a concept for a children and youth camp on the Falkensteiner Ufer and successfully applied for the long-term use of the campsite Blankenese. In 2006 the campsite ElbeCamp and the youth camp JugendElbeCamp opened.

In 2013, the home in Zorge was abandoned because the effort of organizing and maintaining the building was no longer justifiable for the association located in Hamburg.

To date, the Kinderschutz & Jugendwohlfahrt has looked after thousands of children and young people in its recreation homes in Zorge, Hörnum and the youth camp JugendElbeCamp.